Feb 18, 2012

Life.. A Fast Track Race..?

Saturday Morning, Feb 18, 2012... Quite frankly, not the very best of days in my life, as being a weekend turned out to be a cross between a decision as to should I relax and laze at home, or finish my chores that were pending to be cleared.. Of course, the chores won.

Not really complex ones, very simple.. I had to go and get my Car renewed for the year. The passing had all been done last week, however I had not been able to close this, due to the need to clear out fines on my car. Of course, Saturday being Saturday, the laziness won over the first part of the day, leaving the second part to finish, threatening to destroy the week ahead.

What is difficult one would say in this? For me it was very simple.. Heading to the RTA (Road and Transport Authorities), the route was filled with people who despite being on the fast lanes, preferred the traditional 70 KMPH, rather than the permissible 120... Having a bit of a short fuse and being impatient by nature, this is enough to rile you up early on.. Add to it, the fact that you are shelling out money for stupidity that could have been simply avoided, is salt to the wounds.

You honk, you blare, you dip, you zig zag, you glare.. The opposite person does not care and all he / she does is a wave of a hand. You get more upset. And to enjoy this, a peppy number come up. The feelings of "That Magical Song" (my last post), come up and that too does not help. You reach your destination, upset / happy / grouchy, you want to get your job done fast, but you find more people now on two legs at the same pace, in front of you, beside you, and there is nothing that you can simply do.

Point in question? I compared this to life. How many times at work and in life, we meet people who prefer to let life run on its pace, as opposed to the helter skelter that we have made it into. Work today is no longer a 9 - 5 option.. It is a 9 - 9 job as a standard, and without it even being in your job description, multi tasking is an art. Your mind should be at 10 places in the same moment and you should be ready to do any thing that is expected or unexpected at the drop of a hat. You run like a man on a mission.. Full blast, expecting all to think like you, act like you, and run like you..

The other end are the people who want to move at their own pace. A supermarket, where the guy in front of you has 50 items in his cart, but is talking on the phone. Each item is picked up with the speed of a tortoise.. A stop here to get a joke or pass a comment.. And you behind would simply like to take the cart and turn it upside down. People on the footpath, on the roads, at the airport terminal, who cannot walk straight. Swinging side by side, slowly, they get in your way, when you would like to run.

No doubt, we have made life into a race track where it is always about the winner. No one wants to know who came second. No one cares, and we too go into the quagmire of life, where the fine line of where to stop, ceases to exist, not having any meaning at all. I realized this on the way back.. The guy who I overtook on the road, the guy who I waltzed past at the Traffic department, the person who i cut at the supermarket to be ahead in line, the team member who took an extra five minutes for coffee... They all did their job eventually. Their work got done, and probably more peacefully than I could.

The running, the stress, the mind working overtime, hundreds of thoughts.. Did it really matter?

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