Apr 16, 2010


Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Living life IN PEACE
........ John Lennon

Going through You Tube and listening to Lennon's Imagine, I could not but help wonder as to what made Lennon write this song. I listen to it a lot and no doubt, every time one listens to it, it sends a little shiver down your spine.

Such simple words, written over 3 decades ago, it is still an anthem for many. No countries / No Religion / No Heaven.. nothing but people living for today and in peace.

30 years on, what have we learnt, or are we still trying to learn? We all live for our own selves, we still fight in the name of God, we still fight for more. We live as if there is no tomorrow.

Maybe as one said, Lennon was stuck high on LSD and it is these high feelings of his that transpired into songs and gave such peace messages, my thoughts always close down to one... If the times that Lennon grew up were turbulent and they were looking for peace, what would he have done today?

At the time it was Give Peace a Chance.. Today it might be Peace has no chance

Apr 6, 2010

Burqa or No Burqa

French Government told to Limit Burqa

Going through the recent article on the French Governments decision to implement a bill that would limit the use of the Burqa in selective places, and the resulting hue and cry and the worry of the council, I could not but help wonder at the fuss and even pass a wry smile.

So the French want to limit it's use. And the council is worried of a backlash. Who scores? The Government who wants to preserve their national identity or the council who are worried about a political backlash considering the strong growing population that could turn around and the impending violence that it may trigger?

The interesting thing was the number of options that are being looked at. Sports arenas, public places, high security areas, faces should not be covered. Of course, people are not going to be satisfied with this. Both sides want their identity secure.

The question does remain as to whether the Government is right or the people who get effected. The French want to protect their identity. They see themselves as getting too dominated by the Muslim immigrants in terms of culture and a change in religion. The Muslims feel it is their right, as they are part of a society that they live in.

But why do they want to oppose? They are after all immigrants. They did make a choice to leave their countries and move to the West for a better life. They chose their countries. They chose their surroundings. They accepted the conditions. They made their choices.

It has been quite the norm for most of the immigrants, more predominantly Asians, to migrate to a new place, want all their benefits, luxuries and a good life, however when it comes to accepting the country laws, reservations creep in. We want to preserve our cultures. We want to live the way we lived in our countries. We want all around us to follow how we live... Why leave your country then?

The Middle East is a prime example. Freedom of religion is not permitted. The only accepted religion is Islam. Though there is no compulsion to follow this, one is not free to practice his or her religion. You follow the rules. Period. Dont we comply with it? Don't we follow this, for fear of a reprisal from the local laws?

Why then this hue and cry over a law, that is meant to protect the local cultures. After all, we accepted them. There will always be two views, the for's and for not's. It never was simple, it never will be simple.

Religion and Politics unfortunately are intertwined and can never be left alone from each other, the lose unfortunately always has and always will be the common man, the pawn in the entire scheme of things.