Dec 27, 2008

Security Covers

Quite an important statement coming from the head of the top security force in India. Having read this, could not think why this simple matter could not have been thought before. Or was it? And shot down?

One can just imagine the amount of money that is being paid by the Tax Payers to protect our so called ministers, who half the time, are busy finding ways to fleece more money, not attending parliament, fist fighting when they do attend, and have a standard rhetoric of blaming for every fault on the neighbours. (Would their children too be a part of the neighbours fault).

It is high time, our security heads wake up to the job that they are supposed to be doing (saving the country), rather than sitting in a job to see how many votes can they collect to get elected again. Security should be in the hands of those who know about security. Why can we not have the Armed forces Chief as Home Minister or the Navy Admiral or the Air Force Marshall, or even a combination of all 3.. Simply because they cannot collect votes and make false promises?

We need to learn a lot more about protecting ourselves than we think we know. Making statements that we will do this and we will do that is exactly going to remain as is, making statements and no action. We call ourselves a superpower, an emerging force, the next new world. We may have conquered hearts, and cultures, we have shown a never say die attitude, a re silence that makes us stronger from every crisis, but at the same time, we have to stand above personal gains and think what is best for the country, what is best for India.

It is like the corporate world, if it is not worth the investment, go for change.

Dec 19, 2008


A simple incident, something that most of us can associate with having committed at least once in our entire lifetime, an act so normal, that we would have no thoughts to, but today, has the entire world in awe.

The Iraqi journalist, Al Zaidi, who threw his shoes in disgust and in anger at George Bush, is certainly the toast of the world today. Whether his miss at Bush was fortunate or unfortunate for George Bush, whether his actions were right or wrong, whether he was linked to a coup attempt to overthrow the government is a different topic altogether, but the fact remains that there are millions of Al Zaidi's in Iraq and probably all around the world, who feel the same way. People's lives have been destroyed, families have been killed, countries put on the verge of internal civil wars, illegitimate means used to rule other nations, with no care for people's self rights, their dignities and their selves.

The Americans take great pride in self survival and ensuring the best for themselves. Not one American citizen would stand in the way of a single right of his being diminished, yet it is these very self freedom loving citizens who are today responsible for giving power to a man who was to simply put, not capable of managing this power. A man who had no sense of self, who had for always lived on his daddy's coat, a man who was run by others and probably his family for their own self benefits. And power too, for 8 full years.

No single person I believe would be carrying that many damnation's and curses from orphaned children, from widowed mothers, from families whose members may still be in the custody of the US Army. Yet George Bush lives as if he has done no wrong, no regrets at the loss of so many lives, so much destruction, some thing that will continue for time to come.

How would the world treat him.. In time, he will be history, a part of American history and in probably a decade forgotten. But his legacy will be there for generations to bear.

Japan is still bearing Hiroshima and Nagasaki. One shoe on target might have helped wipe out all.!

Dec 13, 2008

In Memorium

Got to know in the news today and ofcourse during the last couple of days, that today, Dec 13 is the 7th anniversary of the attack on the Indian Parliament. What was surprising to note that there was hardly any news clipping of the act, hardly a remembrance note of the valiant NSG heroes that laid their life to save what is the symbol of democracy in India.. The Parliament.

All that was noticed was the odd news clipping that came in here and there, through the varied news channels, with presentations by the wonderful presenters that we probably call Journalists. Instead of praises, there was just dramatics and theatrics as to the fact that no one remembered them. The same old clipping that we probably saw 10 years ago, run about 300 times, was shown again for 30 seconds, rerun all over again.

The result, December 13 is gone, the memories all forgotten, the so called lawmakers who were saved, probably did not care a damn, just expecting it to be the moral duty of the commandos to save their lives.

November 26, too will dissappear one day in the annals of history. How long will the current momentum of change and despair continue, I don't know, but if India manage to win the Test Match and with SRK's and Amir Khan's movies due for release, and the fact that Parvathy came in 2nd in the Miss World Contest, it will soon be another day.

We will never learn!

Dec 12, 2008

Amir Kasab, my Son

Reading the article in the TOI, one cannot help but wonder at why we are forced into situations where peoples feelings and their lives are destroyed.

A son asks his father for new clothes, the father cannot provide and the son leaves the house in anger. Son goes to the town, gets into petty crime, has a brush with the law and becomes a terrorist. Four years later, in Bombay on a murderous mission, killing hundreds of innocent lives with no thought to the destruction of similarly linked lives.

What was the murder for? Simply for the lack of new clothes? That is a heavy price to pay! Or is it the disturbing trend of the youth who have no patience and simply cannot take no for an answer. Is it the fault of the parents who are unable to control their children simply because they gave them too much freedom when they were young? Or is it those set of people who are on the lookout for such kind of frustrated teenagers who know are yet to decide between right and wrong and is the best time to have them follow their objectives.

The fault probably lies with all of us in bits, as parents, as responsible citizens, as the new youth growing expecting more, as the govenrment not being able to provide the right opportunities and the ones who are simply waiting to take advantage of such situations.

Who should stop this? Can't say, but all of us have a role to play. One never knows the next Kasab could be from any where.. And all for a set of new clothes !!

Dec 8, 2008

Family Weddings

Family Weddings are great. Not coz you get to wear so many sets of clothes in one day, or get free food, but for the sheer fact that you get to see so many of your family members that you normally dont, or simply do not have the time to meet. You have noise every where, no one for some reason can talk softly, people shedding thier inhibitions, with no care in the world.

It is a chance to meet old relatives, meet their kids, realize how tall they have grown and how much of your hair has either gone white or completly gone. There were people I had no clue about, people who I had not seen before and people I did not know existed.

This was an interesting feeling, people meeting each other, kids being shown around and gasps of plesant surprises. It to me is a lesson in history, showing that we too have a past, we too have a present and will definitely have a future.

For the last three days, I have been going through the same with a multitude of functions, gatherings, feelings and finally the wedding.

A wedding as they say is not a meeting of two people, but a meeting of two families, and how they learn to co live among themselves. It is the start of a new life for not only the two people who are the cynosure of all eyes, but also a new beginning for the entire families, who now have an extended family and new relations.

The only downside I feel is the emptiness that engulfs you once the festivities are all over. You have met so many of your family, a tendency of loneliness creeps up upon you, once people leave and get along with their own lives again. But that as they say is life. It would not be fun without the joys and sorrows that come along with it. You are glad when one hectic gathering gets over, you can not wait for the next!

Rajesh, Dec 8, 2008

Dec 7, 2008

Calamity every where?

As the holidays take over, a thought runs across one's mind over the happenings that have taken place over the last couple of weeks. The number of people losing their jobs week on week, the attacks on Bombay on two of its major icons, the number of lives lost in the process, some simply because of their presence, some trying to save others, without a thought for their own..

You wonder, what was it all about? Where are we headed? What can we expect more? Can it get better or is this the sign of worse things to follow? There are people who have probably lost the shirt on their back, how would they even survive? What would be going on in their minds? Where is the next piece of bread coming from?

All of this for what? Greed? Power? Anger? Will we ever know, will we ever improve..
Dec 6, 2008