Dec 13, 2008

In Memorium

Got to know in the news today and ofcourse during the last couple of days, that today, Dec 13 is the 7th anniversary of the attack on the Indian Parliament. What was surprising to note that there was hardly any news clipping of the act, hardly a remembrance note of the valiant NSG heroes that laid their life to save what is the symbol of democracy in India.. The Parliament.

All that was noticed was the odd news clipping that came in here and there, through the varied news channels, with presentations by the wonderful presenters that we probably call Journalists. Instead of praises, there was just dramatics and theatrics as to the fact that no one remembered them. The same old clipping that we probably saw 10 years ago, run about 300 times, was shown again for 30 seconds, rerun all over again.

The result, December 13 is gone, the memories all forgotten, the so called lawmakers who were saved, probably did not care a damn, just expecting it to be the moral duty of the commandos to save their lives.

November 26, too will dissappear one day in the annals of history. How long will the current momentum of change and despair continue, I don't know, but if India manage to win the Test Match and with SRK's and Amir Khan's movies due for release, and the fact that Parvathy came in 2nd in the Miss World Contest, it will soon be another day.

We will never learn!

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  1. Public memory is unfortunately very short. Who has got the time to stop and think. A car bangs a motorcyclist, the vehicle behind it slows down, maybe to help, but the vehicle behind it will start honking.....and even say...AE Paagal ...agge jaa na. So will stop, ponder, and take action. Everybody feels, there is someone to take action. In the end, no action is taken. The candle light vigils, the human chains, all will be forgotten. I was a witness to the 5 mins of silence after the train blasts, what happened after that, nothing, except that each time, we are being hit bigger than the last time. Will the same people who formed the human chain, agree to walk into Pakistan in protest from the Border? NO,they will say, we could have gone, but couldnt, and somebody we know has gone.......