Mar 25, 2012

A tooth gone bad..

Has been a while since I wrote and not for want of topics (yes, one goes through this once in a while), but sometimes as I notice, you take an unplanned break, and before long, a couple of weeks disappear.

Event of the week for me.. A tooth gone bad.. Very simply speaking, was eating, a bit of my tooth chipped off, two days later, another bit.. and for the first time in my life, I went to a doctor, when I saw something going wrong.

Quick overview, BIG Cavity, half your tooth has disappeared, very serious, and before I knew it, the guy drilled into my tooth, got rid of half of it, and filled it up with the standard filling. On the verge of starting to clean all my teeth and took some convincing to hold him back, as still had to get over the shock of the cavity, and not to mention the bill that I got only for the filling. A lot more wiser after the incident with also a free dental overview as to how teeth are structured and why Root canals are important and people spend money for teeth, left home for some soul searching.

What soul searching, one may say for a tooth? Not much, but one point that the dentist mentioned stuck in my head. Your cavity must be there for about two years. If you had come earlier, we could have cleaned it and your tooth saved. Now honestly speaking for all the grey hair that I have collected over the years, I might have gone to the dentist not more than twice in my life. Simple reason, I take care of my teeth. I brush twice a day, properly clean my teeth after meals, have a huge sweet tooth, but still take good care.. I guess that is not enough.

The doc simply said.. No matter what you do, it is still not enough as the bacteria tends to stay and needs professional cleaning. Isn't life like that? We make sure we are filled with good habits, we meet good people, we read good books, we ensure good thoughts, we teach our children to follow the same, yet when it comes to ourselves, internally, we tend to let it go. Why do we accumulate negative thoughts despite all the good efforts that we put in. Why do we have bad experiences despite ensuring that we always follow the good path?

When it does happen, we are not ready for it, simply because we are not expecting it or have tuned ourselves to not expect it. We have this tendency that things will take care of themselves if we take care of things

Just like the tooth, if had not taken that extra effort and gone, probably might have left it for long, the cavity eating the other teeth over time, just as one bad apple spoils the others, or one sour mango spreads itself to the others, life too has its shares of good and bad.

Be it the tooth, be it our innerself, be it the clothes that we wear, we all at some point in time, require cleansing, that may not be so apparent from the outside or even possible on our own, but is something that is so necessary for our very survival.


  1. absolutely correct Rajesh....nice post.

  2. Nice argument...tooth or self, it requires cleansing.

    1. Hari.. To be quite frank, the doc said it in a simple way, but when it sunk, could find so much that we dont see, not only our body, but all across..

  3. haha
    what are you ?
    A sweet message conveyed in a brilliant way.
    Applause sire.

  4. very true. at some point of time we do need a thorough cleaning.

  5. a brilliant point put across in a simple way.Thumbs up.

  6. The chain of thoughts is amazing....nicely written :)