Apr 16, 2010


Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Living life IN PEACE
........ John Lennon

Going through You Tube and listening to Lennon's Imagine, I could not but help wonder as to what made Lennon write this song. I listen to it a lot and no doubt, every time one listens to it, it sends a little shiver down your spine.

Such simple words, written over 3 decades ago, it is still an anthem for many. No countries / No Religion / No Heaven.. nothing but people living for today and in peace.

30 years on, what have we learnt, or are we still trying to learn? We all live for our own selves, we still fight in the name of God, we still fight for more. We live as if there is no tomorrow.

Maybe as one said, Lennon was stuck high on LSD and it is these high feelings of his that transpired into songs and gave such peace messages, my thoughts always close down to one... If the times that Lennon grew up were turbulent and they were looking for peace, what would he have done today?

At the time it was Give Peace a Chance.. Today it might be Peace has no chance


  1. Time will come when Religion will be a thing of past. The main reason being the increase in intercaste marriages. As time goes the only religion left between kids of such people will be love.
    No borders is a distant dream. In future the wars are not going to be two religions(this war is being fought currently and is here to stay for some time), the war will be for resources of the land. So one country is difficult.

  2. Jayant, possibly yes.. But interesting note that you mention, that at some point Religion will not matter as people will be dual caste. However this is still very low in terms of percentages especially in India and the masses that form part of non city population, will continue to be influenced by it..

    A second thought comes, yes on tolerance, but unfortunately, you are still defined by a religion and until the governments decide to do away with this requirement of identifying oneself, it will be difficult to achieve peace.