Feb 10, 2012

That Magical Song.....

Sunday morning (or Monday, depending on the part of the world one lives in), first day after a weekend of rest, early morning blues.... Aaaargh.. I wish it was a holiday again.. But life has to move... Drearily you wake up, get dressed and are almost pushed out of the house by your partner (who stays at home) to please leave.. Two days of nagging for a resident home maker is sufficient...

Start up the car, and let it warm up for about 5 minutes (I wish, it could be more, had it not been for the fact of polluting the environment and of course the price of petrol), you leave your parking lot to go to work... Weave your way around the initial traffic, until you can hit the highway.. Your radio is on, with your mind still wanting to go back home and enjoy the continued bliss of the last two days..Had it not been for the fact that one needed to work, and the fact, that I am not related to either the Ambani's, or the Birla's, am sure, all of us would have probably continued to rest... And then it hits...

The radio channel, suddenly plays the song that simply turns you around. It revs up your blood pressure, brings a sparkle to your eye, your mind clears out, the fact that you were not in the mood to sit in the car, twenty minutes ago, is long forgotten....

The slouch is gone, the steering wheel is firmly gripped, and the zig-zag on the lanes start. The accelerator goes more down, the RPM up, and so does the speedometer.. Your mind is singing, your lips are moving, your fingers drumming up on the wheel.. Before you realize it, you have covered a distance that would have taken you 15 minutes in 7.. All within the song.. You are out of control, but in total control.

Why do I bring this up, as it happens to me regularly, and this may not be limited to a Sunday (my first day of the week), but at times even expands to the other days. It could be a morning bout or an evening return trip back home after a hard 12 - 14 hours at work.

It is a time that you want to be alone, yet you want to have some one there without speaking a word and knowing what you feel. You jump around here and there, fidgeting on radio channels, looking completely lost in the world, and it is then the nature of your mood crops up. It could be in your car, at a tea stall, a paan shop, but it simply takes you out of the mundane and put you out of the ordinary. Time stands still, the world does not exist, Life has a meaning.

Surely, all of us go through this, probably daily, or weekly, and we all have our favourites and our specials and our moments.. The two songs appended are different mood swings of mine, both in their own way and time, Kaminey for its simple raw energy, and JS, the ultimate from my perspective in simplicity and meanings.. Of course, a ode to JS for his birthday last week..

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  1. even i like both these songs. nice post :)