Apr 13, 2013

Social Media and its importance..

Had been at a loss for some time, as to what to write about? So many topics, so many discussions, and then a overdose of social networking.. FB, Tweets, Tumblr, WhatsApp... you name it, and I tried to get into all...

Made me think, as I got dragged into one social media after another. Started spending my working hours trying to find time to do some social media, coming back home, have dinner and then restart on my social media.. My FB's, my tweets, getting in touch with friends and relatives via Whats App, all to be in touch. Late into the night, just wanting to be in touch.

I come home by the Metro, I see the same. 3 Out of of 5 are on some sort of chain. BBM's, SMS's, FB, Tweets, the works.. You dont find any one who is any one not being on some kind of Social Media. And this is not limited to being on the train, bus, or any form of commuting, but even expanding to being at family get together, weddings and at every possible opportune moment. One sees a world that finds being on the media more critical and important than being together with people and relatives.

As this grows and one sees the discussions, what is also surprising is that there is, most of the time, nothing important being discussed on the Media. It is not world wide impacting discussions, but more that one has a bad stomach, one had a bad meal, or a headache in the morning after a drinking night...

Where are we headed to? Yes, Socially, being visible is a big factor, however to what extent. Are we headed into a phase where being socially visible is the key to one's very existence. Is it to such an extent that personal relation ships are no longer important or required, but being present on some sort of a net based application is? Is one who is not available on FB, BBM, Twitter, not relevant?

Is it like the age old joke of a person who applied at Microsoft but when informed the HR, was told: Sir, if you don't have E_Mail, you don't exist.... But then also, if he had E_Mail, he would have been an office boy at Microsoft.


  1. Your concern is so obvious .... the ancient saying speak less ..speak sense may not make sense to the human beings worldwide !! very nice self-analysis , is a sincere step towards positive change and thought .. :)

    We are using , over using and abusing means of communication ... be it the mobile or the internet and now both together !!

    Amazing yet again , is the figure , that the internet and the mobile industry has ever lasting future in India....while mobile phns hav penetrated ..almost in every household .. days are near when internet and WhatApps would be used by 'Mango People of rural India' .... but as u mentioned ... mostly we waste time talking nonsense ... drank too many pegs yesterday.... like the page if u love God .... Morphed pictures asking how many likes for this brave man who has no legs no hands no eyes ... deaf and dumb and yet is alive !! CRAP utter crap !!
    Nice enlightening post ..... like you even I am suffering from Social Media Fatigue and too tired of knowing how many times my friend pooped throughout the day ... :( sooner than later .. i may close my social media existence to lead a peaceful life ... :) nice take !!

    1. Thanks and glad there are others who feel the same.. At times, I amaze myself when I realize after a weekend, that I spent 10 hours two days each, doing nothing, but FB'ing, Tweeting, Surfing, going through all accouts to read messages if any..

      And you say, never again, but next week, it is the same...

      Like you mention, shutting out may be the only option.

  2. We dont have time for the people sitting besides us...but are busy on our virtual lives. Nowadays I have noticed even clients have stopped calling. They just send a message across whatsapp. Guess we move on with times...until the next best thing happens to virtual world :D

  3. So true, the idea is talk less and chat more.. And more so with people who are probably next to you..