Dec 8, 2012

A society going haywire...

When I first started blogging, the idea was to blog about things that I see in life from my perspective. Realized soon enough, one's perspective may be contorted and of course one sided.. When you look around, you see so much of disharmony around, it makes one wonder.

Two Articles that I read recently, that brought a question to myself.. Where are we as a society? Are we really developed enough to understand what freedom is all about? Do we really understand what we are doing as human beings?

One article on Sexual Molestation of a six year old in Kerala by her own father for six months after giving her alcohol, and not only doing it himself, but also others.. How does a father even think about it? Having a physical relationship with an adult when services are paid for is an age old tradition, but with children, that are your own blood and sweat??

The second one related to a man beheading his sister in public for running away and marrying some one else and living with him, and the family defining it as immoral. The fact that a person chose to have her / his own life, has kids, is of no relevance to the family who consider the act as being demeaning to their very existence and not being able to walk with their heads held high.

Is this what the freedom fight was all about? Is it that men only describe and have the right to define what is moral and immoral. Have our religious books been so dis contorted that all rights belong to the very few select people in the house who decide wrong from wrong.

Unfortunate to add to the woes, that our Judicial system too is so paralysed that it cannot take swift decisions. Casteism comes to the fore. Human Rights speak for justice and fairness when criminals are punished, Politicians see that as vote banks for the taking. The common man, is no where in the picture, as not worth considering or thought for.

We as a country despite having had our independence, have not left our barbaric roots that we come from and it is indeed a fact that the British did tame us and teach us a bit of civilization that we know. With progress being limited to a select few, with traditions in many places dying, and in some places, barbarism continuing, it is only a matter of time, we as a civilization cease to exist or move back to the Stone Age, where no rules exist, it is a man eat woman world..

PS: My thoughts may be out of sync, but reading the above two, could not hold myself from wondering where we are headed to...


  1. Hear is a true story. I have a lady working in my factory. Her daughter in law left the house and went back to her parental place. Now I am being told by her other co-workers...that the husband used to allow his friends to molest her..sometimes in front of him. I was absolutely shocked to hear this...more so because I always thought what I read was exaggerated...but here I was actually knowing the person in question....disgusting act....and police case was complaint was filed.

    1. Here is a true story...this is what happens when u want write something and change it later...was about to start with Heard a true story...felt it was wrong way of starting...