Aug 9, 2009


Was reading a post put up on FB on Criticism and the note was quite interesting:

"When people criticize, they often reveal more about themselves than they reveal about that which they are criticising. Criticising often stems from insecurity. People feel the need to show their intellect or cleverness by putting others down. So, listen to criticism and if you respect that person, then heed to that criticism......"

Indeed, it led to a thought and some lively debates as to whether criticism is warranted, and if yes, to what levels. With this, I go back in time, when I was in school and as we grew up, we learnt as went. If you did not do your hw, you were punished, if you made mistakes, you were told off, if you did not listen to the teacher, you were made to stand in the class on the chair, if you still did not obey, you were made to stand in the corridor.. and so on..

Are these criticisms or forms of it? Is Criticism restricted to verbal onslaughts only? Does it exist in a physical form? Is it warranted? I agree on both counts, there are people who criticize simply as they know no other aspect in life. Their aim is to simply put up a snobby nose to every one, with the air, that they are and know the best. Every one else in life is a copycat of them or simply are trying to copy them. Other than probably being insultive, this category simply adds no value to a comment, but reflect their own insecurity and the fear that some one else might actually be better than them.

There are also people who do not tolerate fools and will criticize some one, simply due to the errors of the individual. While we are all human and people do make errors, there are some, who defy these beliefs and simply donot care. It could be a case of limitation of capacity of an individual, or simple carelessness, which in the long run costs every one money. These people cannot live without criticism, depend on others to guide them and fully deserve no sympathy.

Where does that leave us in today's world? Regrettably, as we have progressed in technology, we have in my opinion digressed in terms of growth of the people. We do not tolerate harsh words, we do not tolerate shouting at children, we have so many laws created by ourselves, that we are now bound by these laws, who are bigger than the very people who have created them. Have we inadvertantly lent a hand to create a generation that can only survive on speaking in diplomatic overtures?

Gandhi / Lincoln / Churchill are all students of the schools who grew from criticism and that drove them and their ambitions to great heights. Would the world have been any different, had they not embarked on the paths that they did?

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