Mar 13, 2009

When Near Ones go far away

We all come into this world, crying, while people around us are laughing... We all leave this world laughing, while people around us are crying.. Ironic?? Age old saying, and we all go through it in our lives, at various stages, at various times.

I write this today, as I am simply at a loss of words, as to how life goes. One thinks, one knows it all, one thinks, one is for ever, one thinks, one has full control... And what does Life do.. A slap into reality.

The loss of a near and dear one is never easy to digest. And more so, when the person always has a smile as his personality trait. Enjoys life, has a zest for it. And if the person goes young.

I know and realize that every one who comes to this world, will one day leave. We would all like to stay back and so would we like our near and dear ones to stay back, but life must go on. We come with a purpose, we aim to achieve our goals, and we leave. We may come back in another form, in another shape, but life moves on.

The impact is more on the immediate family, the young ones, who suddenly feel rudderless. It is like having your shelter taken off your head, knowing it can never be replaced. Some people may stand up and move, some will be lost, for some the world would have collapsed.

However it is at times like these, that we need to put our grit in, and turn to each other for support and strength. Moments are interlinked. You have both, happy and sad ones. It is just how we manage to cling to them and the way we remember them, but do not let them run our lives.

Easily said, maybe difficult to follow, but I wish all those affected by the loss peace and the strength to see each other through this hard phase.


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